OUT///FEST 22 Outubro 2022 - Cascais


Since 2016, OUT///FEST is present every year (except during those two
years for reasons we don’t want to remember) in Cascais to welcome the
festive rhythm of summer and electronic music filling the Marechal
Carmona Park, one of the most iconic places in the municipality.

“Every year we challenge ourselves to make eclectic musical choices. Our
goal is to provide an environment to which no one is indifferent, bringing
artists capable of making everyone dance and pleasing an audience as
wide as ours. For this reason, the musical style progresses as the schedule
moves on: funk, disco, and soul will also spread across the dance floor.”,
claims José Filipe Rebelo Pinto, CEO of NCS – festival organizer.

Usually the main stage will be predominantly filled with DJs, and national
and international musicians who embrace the electronic musical style,
maintaining the twist that characterizes OUT///FEST. The secondary stage
promises to get all festival-goers dancing to the rhythm of more funky
and groovy beats.

On the 22 nd of October, from 2 to 11pm, music and urban culture come
together in symbiosis with nature, creating a unique and differentiating
environment. The festival also offers a Street Food area – a mandatory
stop for those who are willing to enjoy a good meal.

Entrance is allowed for everyone over the age of 6 and the daily ticket is
paid for everyone over 12 years old

Map & Directions to CASCAIS

Parque Marechal Carmona

Latitude: 38º41’34.40 N
Longitude: 9º25’21.88 W

Praceta Domingos D’Avilez,
Av. da Republica, Cascais 2750, Portugal