Music producer and experienced disc jockey Vahagn Voskerchyan (or simply Vahagn), has had an impressive run of releases, from his earlier work with Groovement and Buzzinʼ Fly up to his evolvement with the Telephonplan family.

Time has come, though, to come out of the proverbial closet and display, unafraid of judgement, the fullness of his musical talent, influences imagination.

When talking of Vahagn one ought to bear in mind the accomplishments of people like Charles Bukowski, Paul Cezanne, Leonard Cohen, John Carpenter or even Rudolf Steiner...

People who took their time to breathe in and assimilate great things and where able to synthesize them in a truly personal fashion, with impressive results at a point in their lives when most would have given up.

In a market too fast to obsess over youth and novelty, itʼs not often one witnesses the rise to greatness of an artist that has his feet on solid ground, and not simply riding the waves of circumstance.